Server Configs
Note: all of these configs have the extension .txt at the end.
Remove this extension as it is only added for ease of html use.

Let me also add that we don't claim these are the *best* configs, nor
the exact config that you need (i.e. there are IP settings and such),
just the running configs on the -=MyStErY SeRvEr=- series server! Enjoy!
-=Who Dah? and Punk_Ass=-

-=MyStErY SeRvEr=- SERIES servers
All -=MS=- servers use this generic server variable file (baseq3 directory): servervars.cfg

-=MyStErY SeRvEr=- CTFS
linux go file (quake III directory): goMS-3w
threewave dedicated CTFS file (threewave directory): 3wave.cfg
If using the portal config you'll need:
threewave portal file (threewave directory): ctfs_portal.cfg
If you'd like to make an Episode Server, which is sweet, but buggy in my experiences:
threewave portal file (threewave directory): Episode3wave.cfg
CTFS motd file NOTE: this file is actually a .txt file, not a .cfg file (threewave directory): motd.txt

-=MyStErY SeRvEr=- TA
NOTE: this server uses cinergi's q3as. without it, this will NOT work
linux go file (quake III directory): goMS-ta
server config (missionpack directory): MSserver.cfg
q3as config (missionpack directory): MSq3as.cfg
q3as maps rotation file (missionpack directory): MSq3asMaps.cfg
timeout file (baseq3 directory): timeout.cfg
Cinergi's Q3AS .so file (missionpack directory):