MysteryServer OwnZ j00!

More is coming soon (lies!!!). For now, here are the bare necessities:
Who Dah?, what does it take to get threewave running from scratch? The answer is Here


UPDATE!!! 2004.Jan.01
-=MS=- is down. too many packet loss issues, too few players. not worth keepin it up! The site will stay up for the benefit of the community as a reference point. It's been fun! :o)

UPDATE!!! 2003.Nov.24
-=MS=- is now participating in the 'A.S.S.' project. it actually has been since October 27th, but i forgot to post! this project is a colaborative banning system designed to ban cheaters from ALL q3 servers! really nifty. more info at:

UPDATE!!! 2003.May.01
-=MS=- is up again! New IP:
Stats are gonna be off for a while. Not even sure if logging is working right :P but hey, she's up!
And again, all downloads are now at (for the time being at least):

UPDATE!!! 2003.Apr.28
-=MS=- is temporarily down. She'll be moving to an upgraded box. I'll post the ip as soon as she's up again. Also, ALL download links are not accurate on this page. However, ALL maps can be found at:

UPDATE!!! 2003.Mar.31
TA server crashed about a month or two again. nobody said anything for a few weeks, stats show a dead server, didn't start her up again :o)
CTFS server back to a more 'normal' rotation requiring less custom maps (as per requests).

UPDATE!!! 2003.Jan.01
Happy new year! Voodoostats cleared out for the new year. GL, HF! I'll clear the top-10 on the maps soon for the new year...

UPDATE!!! 2002.Dec.09
New rotation for -=MS=- CTFS, VooDoo stats doin good, back to a fixed rotation, upm2-final and a43-beta pak added.

UPDATE!!! 2002.Oct.13
The final release of the X3map pak v1 is here!
The maps are in rotation on the CTFS -=MS=- Server.
Dont forget to delete the beta x3 maps if you have them!
You'll need to download them, here are a couple links:
Windows Installer:
Linux Zip File:

UPDATE!!! 2002.May.20
I got real lazy.. too much work to seperate all maps and mods and stuff...
So, want all the maps that are installed on -=MS=- or -=HoS=-?
Here ya go, take what you need, need what you take:
All Dah? Maps/Files

Here are all of the -=MyStErY SeRvEr=- Config Files

Maps on -=MyStErY SeRvEr=- CTFS (see the map rotation, not all of these are necessarily in rotation, but are votable): Maps on -=MyStErY SeRvEr=- TA (see the map rotation):
Various Map Rotation suggestions made by dviant